SeaBob, all about this world famous water toy

A Seabob in action

Getting around the Cannes Yachting Festival one of the leitmotifs was the now famous Seabob, the miniature water scooter from Cayago, specializing in the production of luxury water toys, with which you can run around the sea with zero effort. If the fins don’t make you go fast enough, the Seabob can be a good alternative.

Seabob, a must on board

There are now many shipyards presenting them near boats with a livery similar to that of the hulls on display. What was one of the first “boat toys” pushes you underwater or simply into a effortless swim.

How is it done?

Seabob Jet consists of numerous carbon components, ceramic coatings and seawater-resistant metals. This sporty jet ski moves with a specially developed high-performance electric powertrain. Thanks to the latest technology, the engine delivers optimum torque and has good energy efficiency, which is important given its compact size. The energy for the motor is released by the high-performance High-Energy lithium-ion batteries.


How does it move?

The worldwide patented E-Jet Power System uses the principle of displacement of one volume of water. The water is sucked in by the powerful rotating impeller and pushed outwards into the jet channel at high pressure. The thrust force generated in this way moves the SEABOB forward on the surface of the water or underwater up to a speed of 22 km/h, and reduces the noise level to a minimum.

Who uses it?

Anyone can use it: in the middle, in front of the eyes of the “driver” there is a display screen that informs about everything that is happening on board, from the level of charge to the depth of immersion and the temperature. On board large yachts it is now almost always present, but can easily find space on smaller boats.


How to use?

The pilot drives this sports jet skier through two Controlgrip. By activating the Trigger the engine is activated. Pressing slightly on the green sensor accelerates until you reach the desired speed. Pressing on the red sensor, on the other hand, slows down the Seabob reducing its thrust.

If a certain situation requires immediate shutdown of the device, simply release the Trigger. Two more Piezo keys allow you to program an individual data menu. For example, you can adjust the dive depth, driving time and other parameters electronically.

How much does it cost?

The SeaBob is very popular, but it is not among the cheapest water toys. The basic price of the cheapest model is 7,845 euros. Adding customizations and extra tools easily exceeds 10,000 €

  • SEABOB F5: 7,845.00 €
  • SEABOB F5 S: 10,780.00 €
  • SEABOB F5 SR: 14,565.00 €




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