Scanner Envy 1200, a new rib boat for 2021 by Scanner Marine


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scanner 1200

Scanner Marine unveils a new model for 2021. It’s called Scanner Envy 1200 and is born from the pencil of Donato Montemitro, founder and president of the shipyard, Scanner Marine. A model that goes to fit exactly in the middle between the Scanner 1100 and the flagship, the Scanner 1400.

Scanner Envy 1200

2020 has been a troubled year, but the shipyard doesn’t stop investing in new projects and innovation. And so comes the Scanner Envy 1200, a model designed to expand the range. How was this new rib boat born? This model was born from the precise needs of owners looking for a particular rib boat.


Scanner 1200

Scanner’s Envy range is therefore enriched by a new twelve-meter model, which offers a deck layout of pure open. In line with the philosophy of the shipyard, this new Scanner rib boat aspires to the right middle ground between performance and elegance.

Scanner Envy 1200: deck

The new Scanner rib boat has a central console with sporty and essential but elegant lines. The deck is in fact completely open with a large convivial space aft. A large sundeck, stern platform, and table for sitting. The line is racy with the central hardtop with windscreen, but the Scanner Envy 1200 can also be fitted with a T-top.

From the console, there are two walkways to reach the bow sundeck. At the stern, on the other hand, the philosophy is reminiscent of the walk-around, developed with a cockpit protected by raised walls, to guarantee greater safety. The whole dunnage can be equipped with natural teak or synthetic teak.

Two real sofas, one in front of the other with a central table, form a dinette for eight people, at the service of which there is a multifunctional cabinet equipped with stove, sink, and fridge.  Inside it can accommodate a cabin with a double bed in the bow, with a dinette and a toilet room.

Scanner Envy 1200

Envy 1200 Scanner: the expected performances

The performance will be that of a comfortable and safe boat, even on rough sea, always maintaining an excellent trim. The available versions will be with double inboard gasoline or diesel engine, according to the owner’s requests, or in double or triple outboard version.

The Scanner interprets the concept of a day boat for daily trips, but it is also ideal for a comfortable cruise for couples. This does not exclude an application as a tender for superyachts. A particular focus is a high rate of customization possible.

Scanner Marine is preparing to launch this new model on the market, which will make its absolute debut in the first months of 2021, and then it will be possible to visit it at the spring fairs and at the Shipyard. The project has been completely developed by the Shipyard and the production of the SCANNER ENVY 1200 will be realized inside the Shipyard’s production plant, like the whole range.

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  • design & Project: D.Montemitro Design – SCANNER
  • CE/category: B
  • length. f.t /L Max: 1200 cm
  • Length/Bh: 400 cm
  • tube diameter/tube diameter: 60-65 cm
  • n°compartments/n°compartemets: 7
  • tube material/tube material hypalon-neoprene/1670dtex
  • n°person/n°person: 16/18
  • engine type/engine: 2-3 outboard/
  • outboard ; 2 inboard/inboard
  • maximum power/maximum power: 1200 hp



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