Sacs Rebel 47 with three 425-horsepower outboards

sacs rebel 47 outboard
sacs rebel 47 outboard

At Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show there is a boat that leaves you speechless. It is the brand new Sacs Rebel 47 outboard.

Sacs Rebel 47 outboard

At the Sacs Marine booth we enter the world of maxi rib Sacs has focused its efforts in recent years. As you listen to the interview with Andrea Loro, SACS sales manager, you will get into the right “mood” to appreciate these boats, which retain the imprinting of the inflatable boat with tubulars, but are true luxury yachts that are elegant and high-performance.

Sacs Rebel 47 outboard, a 50-knot thoroughbred

The offspring of the Sacs Rebel 47 Open Inboard, which uses inboard engines, the new 47 outboard looks good right out of the box with three Yamaha mega outboards of 425 hp each in the stern, pushing it to a top speed of 50 knots.

It’s not just performance that is the selling point of this maxi-rib; the Sacs Rebel 47 Open Outboard has an amount of space above and below deck that was once unthinkable. We recommend that you look at the photo gallery to see that this Sacs model is at the top of the mega-tenders, competing with traditional boats in the premium segment.

Sacs Rebel 47 Outboard: top and bottom like a superyacht

The Sacs Rebel 47 Open Outboard is not only a boat for outdoor living, with its two large sundecks fore and aft and a central helm area that is also a sun-shaded sea lounge.

Take a quick look at the boat here in its interior accommodations, with two cabins with double beds that are the envy of larger motor yachts.

Just one click to get in touch

Want to know more about the new Sacs Rebel 47 Open outboard? To learn more you can get in touch with a site manager or book a visit via email or whatsapp, in the booth you will find buttons to activate contact with a click.

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