Rom 28, a limited full-custom range

Rom 28
Rom 28

BORN FROM AN IDEA OF JORGE MARTINS, the first model was officially presented last year. We’re talking about Rom 28. Just 7.80 meters long, it features a customization level so important that there will not be one boat like the other.

Production will be literally limited since only 20 units are scheduled to be built. However, the reading key that Jorge Martins has wanted to give to ROM yachts (where ROM stands for “rebuild ocean motivation”) lies just there. Nothing is left to chance, including the construction site where the boats will be built.

Rom 28

Located in Aveiro, Portugal, the shipyard has been chosen by the businessman because it is able to offer all the expertise he needed. Former CEO of Capgemini Portugal, Mr. Martins was looking for a fully-custom boat under 10 meters. As often happens in these cases, he chose to make it on his own. The first unit was entirely made and designed around the needs of the shipyard’s founder.

The others will be completely different from each other since they will be designed around their own owner’s needs, therefore with substantial differences in terms of materials, finishes, and color options.
Naval architecture is by Barracuda Yacht Design (Madrid), whose founder, Inigo Toledo, has a very long experience in the yacht design sector and even participation in the 2007 America’s Cup.

Rom 28: a full-custom sporty boat

With accommodation for 8 passengers, this runabout stands out for its brilliant performance at sea. Power can range from 250 to 400 HP. In this last case, the ROM 28 can reach a top speed of 40.3 knots. The cockpit includes a comfortable helm station with a double seat and next-gen touchscreen instruments on the starboard side, protected by a large and enveloping windshield. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a large seat on the left of the helm station and a three-seat sofa next to it. Two additional sun pads are positioned next to the engine compartment. Below deck, the night area consists of a small dinette with a toilet.



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