Rocca 1794, a Winning Formula



by Sea Time – Marine Watches

Acquired in 2008 by the Damiani Group, Rocca 1794 has become Italy’s most important multibrand watch-making company. In its 14 points of sale you can live and immerse yourself in the magic of time.

Giorgio Damiani
Giorgio Grassi Damiani, CEO of Rocca 1794 and vice-president of the Group.


Such important achievement is the result of a winning strategy

«We have created a format whose credibility is based on the quality and the reliability of the services we offer even in the post-sales phase. Our goal is to create a true experience that is not just confined to the purchase of a timekeeper. How? By transforming our stores into spaces dedicated to cultural events linked to the world of time or into spaces where to promote encounters where people can discover the secrets of high-quality watchmaking industry» Damiani says.


Today, the chain has 14 stores throughout Italy but, according to Damiani, the format is destined to cross national frontiers.




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