Rizzardi reacquires Posillipo: new Technema 90 (27 m) gets her debut

Posillipo Technema 90
Posillipo Technema 90

The InRizzardi Group reacquires Posilippo, thus bringing a historic pairing back to life. This announcement officially closes an operation that has been underway for some time, and which came to fruition at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 with the debut of Posillipo Technema 90 alongside the Rizzardi GR 63.

InRizzardi reacquires Posillipo

The reacquisition of Posillipo by the InRizzardi Group evokes past events, while at the same time opening the door to a whole cycle of developments and new market breakthroughs. The announcement will not only reinvigorate the spirit of fans of the ‘yachting-style‘ that the duo had already shaped in the past, but also of the markets and possible buyers, because the first boat is already ready to debut. A boat that is therefore an important symbol, because not only is it able to immediately relaunch this expansion of the InRizzardi group, but it is also an indication of a production that has already been restarted for months.

Posillipo Technema 90
Posillipo Technema 90

Looking to the future

Corradi Rizzardi, director of the yard, emphasizes that this reacquisition really opens up a new season now. A season aimed at growing both the group and the range of offerings. All in all, a promising ‘homecoming’ that portends a young and dynamic relaunch of the prestigious brand, a fundamental asset for the company.

We wanted to announce the return of the brand to the ‘Rizzardi family’ at the same time as the first 90′ so that it would be clear that this is not just a matter of reacquiring the brand; in fact, production has already been restarted for months. Now opens a new season that should lead the InRizzardi group to grow and expand the range of offerings to conquer new markets”.

Posillipo Technema 90
Posillipo Technema 90

The Posillipo brand thus represents not only a return to the splendours of the past, but also a revival of that fragment of world yachting history that launched the Italian ‘yachting-style’ around the world. Indeed, the luxurious ‘Technema’ yachts succeeded in celebrating the brand internationally, and the debut of a new Technema 90 only underlines the group’s intentions at this new juncture.


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