The great pure open is back. It is called Rizzardi GR 63 (19 m)

Rizzardi GR 63
Rizzardi GR 63

The large Italian open is one of those myths that occupies the nautical imagination, an icon of the dolce vita, and the credit for so much success is partly due to Gianfranco Rizzardi, founder of the shipyard of the same name, and to whom is dedicated one of the models that has caused the most uproar in Cannes as in Genoa: the Rizzardi GR63.

Rizzardi GR63

The GR63 is undoubtedly one of those boats that does not go unnoticed, with sleek lines, iconic and evocative design. It is an ode to the past, a tribute to great designs and great names, and coagulates it with the top technology of its time. Undoubtedly fascinating, fast and with attention to every detail, it is probably the most recently presented Open. Powered by shaftline and available full open or rollbar variants, it is a boat dedicated to meeting every need of the owner, to whom it is in fact embroidered around. But let us now look at the features of the model exhibited at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show.

Rizzardi GR 63 – Exterior

The GR 63 welcomes with iconic, edgy lines, but it does so while maintaining a style and visual impact that does not evoke an outdated ideal, but rather combines in itself the classic in a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and technology that is reminiscent of the contemporary. It is a design that is embraced by the glance leaving a fulfillment that lingers.

Rizzardi GR 63
Rizzardi GR 63

Accommodating the stern is first and foremost a wide swim platform, surrounded by two broadside stairs leading to the cockpit or directly to the bow. In the middle, a large hatch conceals a storage compartment, while a cockpit sundeck, rather than the tender garage, accommodates an independent owner’s cabin underneath, accessible through a large hidden access in the cockpit. The cockpit continues with a large C-shaped sofa complemented by a central table. On the opposite broadside is a kitchen cabinet, which can be customized according to one’s taste. Just beyond it is the wheelhouse, which is highly intuitive and technological, and equipped with all the latest features. Iconic is the choice to insert some analog dials here, a reminder of a line that after all is inspired by a more classic past.

Rizzardi GR 63 - Pozzetto
Rizzardi GR 63 – Pozzetto

Under the double seat in the wheelhouse, there is space for a huge drawer refrigerator, while in the middle of the boat we find access to the below deck. In the bow, accessible both from the cockpit and directly from the swim platform, we find long, slender surfaces inspired by the classic opens of the past. An extremely large sundeck is carved out here, while a walk-through allows natural light to illuminate the interior, and a second, located at the far bow, leads to private crew quarters.

Rizzardi GR 63 – Interior

First, accessible through a hatch cut into the cockpit sundeck, we find a double master cabin. A large double bed and a private toilet are housed here, and the abundance of space created here is surprising, as is the extremely generous height. In the forward interior spaces, on the other hand, accessible from the bridge, we immediately find a living area and a well-equipped galley, and proceeding toward the bow we find a second double master cabin, full beam and extremely large. This, of course, also has separate bathrooms, complete with walk-in shower. On the starboard side of the living area, however, we find a smaller cabin, equipped in this case with two single beds and a full private toilet.

Rizzardi GR 63 -
Rizzardi GR 63 – VIP Cabin

Rizzardi GR 63 – Motorization

In keeping with tradition, being inspired by the iconic models of the 1980s, the Rizzardi GR 63 mounts MAN shaftline motorization, and installs, as standard, a 1200-horsepower V8, optionally upgradeable to 1300. Thanks to the combination of these engines with an extremely high-performance hull, the GR 63 guarantees decidedly enviable speeds, with cruising speeds of 32 knots and peaks of 37 in the first case, and 33 and 38 in the second, respectively. With as much as 2650 liters of tank capacity, it thus offers diverse time at sea, and ensures its safety through performance lines, first-rate technological findings and a recognized Class A Design Category.


Rizzardi GR 63 – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 19.34 m
Length at Waterline 15.20 m
Baglio Massimo 4.80 m
Fishing 1.50 m
No-load displacement 25 t
Standard Motorization MAN V8 1200 hp
Optional Motorization MAN V8 1300 hp
Peak speed 38 kn
Cruising speed 33 kn
Fuel tank 2650 L
Fresh water tank 700 L
Cabins 3 + 1 crew
Sleeping places 6/7 + 1 crew
Bathroom 3 + 1 crew


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