Quick X2, the stabilizer even on a boat of 8 meters

The gyro stabilizer MC² Quick Gyro X2 for boat is one of the novelties of the Italian company Quick. It was born with the aim of reaching boats of small size compared to those already “stabilized” by the range Quick.

The stabilizer for the small boat (even a 28 feet)

Smaller centre consoles or day cruisers, such as the Axopar 28 above, can be fitted with the MC² Quick Gyro X2 gyro stabiliser. It is powered by a 12V DC battery (without the need for a generator), and is characterized by an extremely low weight (about 130 kg) and a compact design.

How does a stabilizer work? Watch the video below



Among the most affordable stabilizers, gyroscopic ones are become increasingly more popular. Like a spinning top, they use their quick spin to keep balance around the rotation axis. You only have to install (no matter where, the gyroscope works even if it is mounted on the fly bridge) a rotating mass, whose size varies according to the boat displacement. When the boat starts rolling, the mass moves in such a way as to keep its rotation axis stable, effectively dampening the roll.
Compared to fin systems, rolling resistance decreases because they have no immersed parts. Easier to install, they are more compact and suitable even for 8-meter boats.

However, to be efficient, the gyroscope must reach its normal rotation speed (Spool-up): this means that it takes about 30 minutes to be operational (in this phase, consumption is higher than normal us). The same time, if not twice, is needed for total shutdown (Spool-down). The disavantage lies in the additional weight (a few hundred kg per ton) and the idea of having a mass of such dimensions constantly moving on board.

Stabilizers: six models, how they work and price


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