PZero 1100 Cabin, comfort and speed by Tecnorib


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PZero 1100 Cabin
PZero 1100 Cabin Pirelli

PZero Cabin 1100 is the “middle” boat in the “speedboat” line of Tecnorib, the inflatable boats of Pirelli. The 1100 Cabin has been restyled and is a boat (the hull is 9.99 metres long) ideal for sailing below the coast in the summer heat. This is demonstrated by the three sundecks – two at the stern and one at the bow – which make this dinghy of less than 10 meters very suitable for day trips in relaxation.

All outside, there’s sunshine

The main feature of this boat is its great capacity to accommodate people outdoors (it is approved for 14 passengers). The uses that can be made of it are many: a party with friends, an outing with family and more. The space of the three sundecks, two long aft and one on the bow deckhouse makes the deck very liveable and suitable for those who love the deck. On the lower deck there is a cabin with two beds and a bathroom with shower. The boat has a central console and a windscreen that extends above the driver’s seat.

Not only relaxation, but also adrenaline

The PZero Cabin doesn’t get bored. If relaxation is one of the focuses, the aft motorization is not for “tranquilizers”. The maximum engine is a pair of 350 horsepower.

PZERO 1100 Cabin boat technical sheet

  • Length: 9.99m
  • Total length: 11.37m
  • Beam: 3.54m
  • Tube Diameter: 0.46-0.64 m
  • Air compartment: 6
  • Maximum number of passengers: 14
  • Fuel tank capacity: 2x 350 l
  • Water tank capacity: 160 l

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