Pyxis 30 WA Fishing is a fisherman for your family cruises

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing
Pyxis 30 WA Fishing

The Pyxis 30 WA Fishing from Swiss shipyard Pyxis Yachts is ready to make her market debut. Measuring 9.80 meters long and 3 meters wide, this motorboat is a fisherman boat with a highly sought-after interior. The American market is leading the way with its sporty fisherman boats that combine a 100% fishing configuration on deck with luxury interiors inside. The P-30 Cruiser, the other model of the brand, focuses on cruising comfort. The Pyxis 30 WA Fishing tries to find the balance between fishing and cruising in the same vessel.

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing – Deck

Born from an evolution of the P-30 (read the article about the boat here), the Pyxis 30 WA Fishing is a model more focused on fishing, as the name suggests. Alessandro Chessa is the designer of the hull. Carlo Galeazzi designed the interiors. Antonio Maria Moscato took care of the design consultancy for all the fishing aspects. The main features of the cockpit area are:

  • folding sofas at side
  • a 120 liters live bait tank with oxygenator
  • a tank for the catch of about 200 liters with macerator between the engine and the live bait tank
  • aft door for the boarding of large prey
  • rod holders located in various points

The rod holders are made by Smith, tele-outriggers by Taco, the compartments for accessories and bait are made by Boat Outfitter and customized by  Pyxis.

The console is designed for the instrumentation that today any angler wants: large multifunction screens, engine monitoring displays, and so on. Above the console there is a rigid hard-top with rod holders. From amidships forward the layout instead becomes more cruiser.  Sunbathing that the windshield reaches almost to the bow. This section of the boat is easily reached by two side walkways.


Below deck there is a well-kept cabin with four berths and a large toilet room.

Pyxis 30 WA Fishing – Hull and engines

The hull design allows you to tackle even the most severe conditions without splashing the crew. The deadrise at the stern is about 20°. The Pyxis 30 WA Fishing can be powered outboard with a twin of 300 horsepower (maximum power installable). In this configuration it is possible to reach 50 knots. With two outboards (tot. 400 horsepower), the maximum speed is instead 40 knots. The fuel tank can carry a maximum of 350 liters of fuel.

Pyxis boats are imported and distributed exclusively by IMD BOATS for the regions: Tuscany, Liguria and Sardinia.

Schedule of the boat – Pyxis 30 WA Fishing

  • LOA: 9.80 m
  • B.max: 3 m
  • Weight: 4.699 kg
  • Fuel: 350 l
  • Water: 150 l
  • Berths: 4
  • Max Person: 8
  • Livewell: 120 lt
  • Engine: 2 x 200 hp / 2 x 300 hp (max 441.7 kw)
  • Category CE: B
  • Info on



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