Pardo Endurance 60

Pardo Endurance 60

After the worldwide success of the open walkaround range, with more than one hundred Pardo 38, Pardo 43 and Pardo 50 sold in just two years, Pardo Yachts has won the game in the world of luxury tenders. E oggi è pronta a lanciare una nuova sfida al mercato: il Pardo Endurance 60, primo modello di una nuova gamma che ha già nel nome Endurance il suo concetto e che ripropone la filosofia “trawler” sotto una nuova luce di stile ed eleganza, marchio di fabbrica di ogni Pardo Yachts. The name Endurance was chosen because this new boat has long sailing in its DNA, it recalls endurance over time, performance related to sailing well safely for many miles and with low fuel consumption. The concept of Endurance is also related to using the boat for as long as possible in maximum comfort, so that the owner can enjoy his or her time to the fullest.


When design gives safety

Like every Pardo Yachts, design, style, and livability of both interior and exterior spaces are at the heart of the project. Indeed, a common thread connects the elegance and minimal style that have made the walkaround range so successful, to this new project. A family feeling immediately evident when looking at the bow lines, the hallmark of every Pardo Yachts.

Pardo Endurance 60: a “soft” revolution that conquers

With regard to the main deck, the utmost importance was placed on livability and usability of space: one of the E60’s strong points is in fact the aft outdoor area where two fold-down side terraces create a 33-square-meter area dedicated to relaxation. But not only that, this area of the Pardo Endurance 60 also has the peculiarity of keeping life on board as much as possible in contact with the water, recreating a real terrace on the sea.

Pardo Endurance 60

The light lines with which this area was designed create a feeling of continuity with the sea level and do not disturb the harmony of lines with excessive heights of structures. The aft outdoor area then features a dining area with a table and chairs, protected from the sun by an electric bimini with which it can be safely navigated even if it is left open. Completing the aft area we find a hydraulically “fold-down” swim platform convenient for tender recovery.

Easy and safe maneuvers

Again in line with the walkaround range, the same proportion and comfort was maintained for the walkways leading from the stern to the bow area, which is also equipped and designed to be an additional area dedicated to relaxation: the protagonist of this area is a sundeck with really generously sized recessed cushions and an aperitif area with table and comfortable seating. Going up a level, the flybridge area represents a real novelty for a Pardo Yachts project: depending on the owner’s needs, it is possible to decide how much and how to equip it.

The superstructure of the Pardo Endurance 60 differs from what we are used to seeing in that it is decidedly light and low in height: this keeps the boat’s center of gravity low, which benefits navigation and overall aesthetics. Designed for maximum enjoyment of life “en plain air,” the fly can be furnished with a sofa and sundeck with all cushions recessed flush. You can also have a second command area complete with a negative windshield and a refrigeration cabinet.

As for the motorization, the shipyard wanted to follow what are the demands of today’s market: the study of these requirements led to the choice of 700 hp Volvo IPS engines (800 opt) that give easy maneuverability, maximum safety and fuel efficiency. In addition to these advantages, IPS engines allow for the installation on the Pardo Endurance 60, the Dynamic Positioning System, an incredible advantage during mooring, because this system allows the boat to be held stationary in one spot making maneuvering easy and feasible even with a small crew.

Simple, clean lines

Turning to the interior spaces, once again Cantiere del Pardo’s fifty years of experience in the sailing world are the talk of the town: this know-how can be clearly recognized by observing how optimally the volumes of the spaces are exploited. Continuity between the interior and exterior is key aboard the E60, and the large windows in the salon are a prominent example of this. The galley and bar are located aft and have side windows that can be opened to the broadside to create an area with an outward-facing bar.

Pardo Endurance 60

In addition, the accordion door of the Pardo Endurance 60, which separates the dinette and cockpit, when held fully open creates a huge continuous space that gives a sense of absolute freedom, also enhanced by the negative glass positioned in front of the control station. This choice, in addition to having a technical motivation (in bad weather and formed sea, water does not flow over the glass to the benefit of visibility) also has an important aesthetic role, giving an all-around feeling of depth and freedom.

The interior command area of the Pardo Endurance 60 features a side door on the right side, which allows the commander to have direct access to the side walkway during mooring phases, without having to disturb any guests seated in the dinette or cockpit. Finally, the salon houses a full galley, positioned at the entrance and convenient for reaching both the inside and outside cockpit tables. The dining and lounge areas are located further forward on a raised area that provides exceptional panoramic views.

Lower Deck

As for the lower deck of the Pardo Endurance 60, the design lines followed propose a style that will last over time: the family feeling with the walkaround range is evident and is characterized by simple, clean lines in harmony with colors that give brightness and freshness to the rooms. Three cabins and three bathrooms find space here, and maximum habitability has been ensured. The owner’s cabin positioned amidships is generously sized because it takes advantage of the boat’s maximum width: the choice of this position is not accidental but a strong message of how much the owner is at the center of this new design.

So many details make this space the highlight of the interior layout: the vanity area for the ladies, the comfortable sofa under the fenestration, and the several capacious and spacious closets. On the other hand, the VIP cabin, located in the bow with a private bathroom, is available in a double version: with a twin or double bed, depending on the owner’s needs. The third cabin, on the other hand, features two generously sized single beds and a dedicated bathroom. Also of interest is the location reserved for the sailor’s cabin, positioned under the aft sundeck, equipped with two beds and toilet area and with direct access to the engine room.

Pardo Endurance 60 – Customization

As in every Pardo Yachts project, great freedom has been left on board the new Pardo Endurance 60 for customization possibilities by the owner, who can choose from a wide variety of materials, fabrics and colors. All furniture, in keeping with the Made in Italy Pardo Yachts style, is made in-house in the carpentry department, a flagship of the Pardo Shipyard. The timeless elegance and modern forms of each element are enhanced by the skilled and experienced hands of our craftsmen, without sacrificing functionality and safety.

Each Pardo Yachts is distinguished by the quality, solidity and finish of its woods. Know-how that starts as far back as 1973 and draws on the great tradition of Italian furniture makers. A skill acquired and perfected over time, handed down by master craftsmen from generation to generation. A wealth of knowledge that has always been embedded in every boat at the Shipyard.


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