3-blade propeller EWOL Orion

3-blade propeller EWOL Orion


3-blade propeller EWOL Orion has a blade orientation is fully automatic and micrometric pitch adjustment is made from the outside by means of the adjustment ring nut. This makes it possible to optimize thrust during motoring, thus allowing high cruising speeds at low rpm, resulting in reduced fuel consumption.


3-blade propeller EWOL Orion

EWOL Orion 3-blade propeller brilliantly solves the problem of low maneuverability of boats in reverse, especially in difficult environmental conditions such as high wind, limited space, rough sea, etc.

The E3 Orion propeller, available either by shaft line or with the anti-shock device for Sail-Drive called FlexDrive, is designed to be installed, removed and adjusted with ease in minutes and even with the boat in the water.

E3 Orion incorporates innovative technical solutions in its shell combined with the use of state-of-the-art materials that guarantee mechanical and corrosion resistance characteristics that are absolutely superior to those of traditional type propellers.

EWOL Orion data sheet

Length at waterline 9 – 18 mt / 30 – 60 ft
Engine power 30 – 160 HP
Propeller shaft diameter 25 – 40 mm / 1 – 1 ½ inch
Sail-Drive (with anti-shock device) Yes


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Discover all the advantages: 3-blade propeller EWOL Orion

How to install an EWOL propeller


The pitch adjustment of an EWOL propeller.



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