How will the port of the future be? Electric, connected and automatic

barche a motore volvo porto

In this period of great investments towards hybrid and electric, let’s try to imagine what will be the “port of the future” together with Volvo Penta, which is investing great resources for a future that is less dependent on fossil fuels.

Electric, connected and automatic: the three pillars of the port of the future

Imagine taking an electric bus, getting to the port and bord your hybrid yacht, managing it with a very simple joystick. With a connected app between your yacht and the tablet you can check the position, engine parameters and much more. After your cruise you come back to the port having reduced the impact to the maximum .barche a motore volvo ibrid

Are you ready for another surprise? Once you are positioned in front of the platform, simply press a button to start the mooring maneuver automatically, while you do not have to do is check that everything runs smoothly. How? Thanks to Volvo Penta’s “self-docking yacht technology”. With these two “turrets” positioned on the quay the boat will be found by GPS and led to mooring. “Science fiction!” you can say. Apart from electric buses, which depend on the city, the rest is already practically reality.

What about the yacht of the future?

Now that we have seen how the port of the future will be, we will discover how the yacht of the future will be. Motor boats are increasingly moving towards the electric and not only with regard to the motorization, but also for a whole series of implementations and simplifications aimed at making life on board smart and hi-tech. Volvo Penta wants to become a leader in the renewable propulsion sector. The first step? They are the hybrid engines that will begin to sail the seas from 2021 first with the commercial units and then from 2022 also with pleasure motor boats.

barche a motore volvo ibrid

How is a marine hybrid engine?

Crown Jewel of Volvo Penta are the IPS engines that allow an important reduction in consumption and consequently in emissions. From this starting point, Volvo wants to implement the hybrid variant (here all the details) with which it will be possible to navigate in the areas with reduced emission and zero that should be introduced in the coming years. For example, in the world of ferries and cruise ships the use of electric engines with which these boats will be able to maneuver in ports is becoming less and less impactful. Likewise, the hybrid configuration will bring this advantage in addition to lower noise, vibration and operating costs.



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