From the four wheels to the sea: when Peugeot and Beneteau team up

Two French giants such as Beneteau, in boats, and Peugeot, in cars, work in synergy and the results do not disappoint expectations.  The design of the two houses, the Sea Drive Concept, was awarded the JANUS Prospective Award in Paris by the French Institute of Design for its lines, ergonomics and aerodynamics. But what is the Sea Drive Concept? A latest generation nautical dashboard that combines technology, details and luxury in a single instrument.

The details of the Sea Drive Concept

The worlds of automobiles and motor boats have always worked very closely together and it is not uncommon to see technologies that are “exchanged” between the two sectors. There are also times when collaborations arise upstream, as in the case of the last dashboard made by Peugeot and Beneteau, the Sea Drive Concept. The design is very modern, built by combining old school physical buttons and modern touch screens, but special attention has been given to the details and materials: the use of sewn nappa and satin chrome keys, which come from the know-how of Peugeot. As far as the instruments are concerned, those who govern the boat will have at their disposal the Ship Control interface, an on-board computer that assists both in navigation and in life on board the boat. Its connectivity allows crew members to have all kinds of data on the boat and its status: navigation, engine speed, battery and tank level control, air conditioning, lighting and Hi-Fi.

From the four wheels to the sea

This project is inspired by the i-Cockpit Peugeot, currently used by over five million drivers. The peculiarities are:

  • Compact steering wheel for easy manoeuvrability
  • Touchscreen with which you can access the functions of the boat via the Ship Control / toggle switches control the main functions
  • Removable tablet, specific for the Sea Drive Concept, shows navigation information at eye level



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