Outboard engines, 6 news from Genoa Boat Show


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yamaha elettricoThe world of outboard motors was one of the great protagonists of the Genoa International Boat Show. From unlicensed to super-powered engines, here are four new features at the Genoa Boat Show.

Suzuki DF300B

The new high-performance outboard is derived from the Suzuki DF350A, the most powerful of the Japanese manufacturer. This 300 horsepower represents the younger brother of the 350 and from it takes the thermal unit of 4.4 liters then, the V6 architecture and, above all, the foot, equipped with double propeller counter-rotating propulsion, Suzuki Dual Prop.

Suzuki DF40A ARI

The new DF40A ARI by Suzuki, the outboard designed for those who have a large boat and do not want to give up the possibility of driving it without a boat license (in Italy), has also arrived in Genoa. ARI in Japanese means ant. This outboard has three cylinders with a displacement of 941 cc. – thanks to the new foot called Suzuki High Energy Rotation, is able to release a lot of torque to allow even heavy or heavy boats, to glide quickly and maintain the glide speed with the classic gas wire.

Evinrude 115 HO G2

Basic” model in the range up to 300 horsepower. With this addition, Evinrude brings to the market a medium power engine that has the same technological characteristics as a top-of-the-range engine: electronic accelerator gearbox, Hi-trim (automatic trim adjustment according to speed) and integrated hydraulic steering.


There are no new engines, but Honda is working to improve the models already on the market. In order to meet the Italian market, which appreciates not only the performance but also the aesthetic and custom component, new “White” and “Sporty White” colours have been developed and are available on the entire range of V6 outboards. The Drive By Wire iST (intelligent Shift and Throttle) system has also been added for the V6 range: this allows complete management of installations in a single user interface through plug & play of Honda Marine components or other devices such as the Optimus 360 joystick control.

Honda Marine outboard
Honda Marine outboard

Yamaha MS20 Saltwater

The MS20 Saltwater, designed for use in salt water. The design is able to combat seawater corrosion even before it starts to act, it weighs 20.4 kg and preserves the characteristics of maneuverability typical of its freshwater brothers (M12, M18, M20, M26, M32, MX18), has the propeller anti-algae and is powered by a single 12 V battery. It also has:

  • Battery status indicator button.
  • Clamping bracket
  • Digital Maxmizer
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Coated bottom units

electric yamaha

Mercury 450R

We already talked about the new Mercury 450r here, don’t miss the video!

VIDEO TEST – Two Mercury 450r outboards at 60 knots, turn up the volume!



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