Omega 45, a luxurious rib that flies at 78 knots

omega 45 technohull

The flagship of the Greek Technohull shipyard is the Omega 45, a 13.80-meter rib that reaches a surprising speed of 78 knots. A MedBoat in full swing because it is not only a luxury boat for fast sailing but also a boat on which to spend a few days out. These fast and spacious rib yachts are also used as mega-tenders, i.e. support boats for superyachts.

The secrets of Omega 45

How can a 78-knot inflatable boat be used on a cruise or for relaxation? The strength of this rib lies largely in its hull: the DynaStream technology for the design makes it safe, performant and stable. In this way, the Omega 45 can be used for all the functions mentioned above.

Rib, but not too much

In essence, Omega 45 has all the features to be an offshore boat. It is called rib because the side tubes are a very important element because they offer protection at the edge mooring on board, increase the floating capacity and increase stability in extreme conditions. In this model, the Omega 45, all Technohull’s DynaStream technology is condensed: thanks to sophisticated software and algorithms, the hydrodynamic profile has been optimized with a deep V-angle and a marked starry surface. The result is a boat that is safe and soft to maneuver, but able to give a great deal of adrenalin to the owner, novice or expert.

Engines: from 900 you can get up to 1600 horses

Omega 45 is a highly customizable rib, especially in engines. The base is a 300 hp triple engine. Going up you can put either 350 or 400 horsepower engines. For the more “reckless” the shipyard provides quadruple motorization of 400 horsepower (1600 horsepower total) that makes this rib fly at the extraordinary speed of 78 knots. It is also possible to equip the Omega 45 with an inboard diesel engine, making it ideal for long cruises that do not sacrifice comfort and pleasure.

Omega 45 layout

Omega 45 is a center console with T-top above the four seats “racing” and shockproof. The design of the Omega 45 console has allowed the site team to increase the interior space which includes a closed bathroom. The bow area includes ample storage space, hidden under a sundeck and the bow seat of the console.

Boat data sheet: Omega 45

LOA: 13.80 m
Width. 3,50 m
Displ. 5,200 kg
Fuel: 1100 l
Water: 120 l
Max. Speed: 78 kn
Max Engines: 4×400 hp outboard





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