Nuva M6, a stylish and budget friendly boat

Nuva M6 is the latest creation in the Spanish shipyard Nuva Yachts. We saw him in Berlin, at the small, but intense, Boot & Fun boat show. We’re going to discover the winners of the Bob Award, the prize awarded to the Best of Boats of the year  by a group of boat magazines including Barche a Motore that provides the Italian juror. But a ban on digressions.

Nuva M6, new boat

The Nuva M6 is very similar to the new walkaround, like Pardo, Fjord, Astondoa, Axopard, Azimut Verve. Designed by the Barcelona Yacht Design (BYD) studio, it has clean lines, a hull that rises from the water, flat surfaces with evident edges, even if rounded, and a well-designed bow. The geometries are as similar as they are open to the general public (however large a nautical audience may be). Meanwhile, it costs very little and this is already a nice way to expand the potential market. The Cabin version, with the bow and a cabin below deck, with outboard Mercury 100 horsepower it costs less than 27.000 euros, premium price for the boat show. The Open version, totally walkaround with only the bathroom hidden in the console is even cheaper

New M6, design and practicality with class

The Nuva M6 is narrow and sharp on the bow and stands out for the beautiful geometry of its hull. It has high walls to protect the cockpit and the dinette can become an enormous sun pad. At the front seat, the backrest is folded over to be used both by the pilot and during lunch and becomes, if requested, also an hiding place of the external kitchen.

A pity for the coffee table, that aesthetically and in perceived quality can be improved. Touching the boat, the construction sounds full and solid, typical of the yard that has numbers not too high and still by the logic of craftsmanship. In these cases, it is generally preferable to abound a little in diameters and thicknesses of materials to ensure a quality product.

The propulsion is entrusted to an outboard with power that can vary from 100 horses (the one recommended for classic and family use) to 200 horses. The performance, logically, varies depending on the cavalry and according to what is stated by the shipyard goes from 28 to 40 knots of top speed. Given its width, it can obviously be driven on wheels.

New M6 technical data

  • Loa: 6.60 m
  • B.max: 2.49 m
  • engine: outboard
  • power: from 100 to 200 horses
  • gas tank: 120 l
  • water tank: 55 l
  • Price during the boat show: 27.000€




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