Nitra 22 Super Sport, Swedish 70 knots with 300 horsepower – VIDEO

nitra 22 super sport
Una barca a motore “nordica”, ecco il Nitra 22 Super Sport

Who said it takes a lot of horsepowers to get incredible performance? Today we detach ourselves for a day from our beloved “Mediterranean” and discover a few motorboats from the North Seas. At the Helsinki Boat Show there are plenty of surprises and among them, there is definitely the Nitra 22 Super Sport, a 300 horsepower boat with…70 knots top speed.

Approved to carry up to four passengers, it is clearly a boat designed for extreme performance although it is not the fastest model in the Nitra range. Hull and deck are seamless with polyurethane rub rails. The throttle is both pedal-operated and hand-operated. The tank has a capacity of 115 liters, while the ballast (ballast tank) has a capacity of 200 liters. With 300 horsepower at the stern (outboard), this boat is able to develop up to 70 knots of maximum speed.

Among the various options in addition to the standard model that you can install could not miss the foils.



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