New Ranieri Next 285 LX

ranieri Next 285 LX
The new Ranieri Next 285 LX

Ranieri International does not stop and unveils something new for 2021: the new Ranieri Next 285 LX. The Next range is thus expanded with a new stylish and stylish model.

New Ranieri Next 285 LX

Launched 4 years ago, the Next range represents the new generation of sundeck motorboats according to Ranieri International. From the work on style details to the research and optimization of materials, this new project has come to the forefront of the rest of the line, bringing new elements but remaining in perfect harmony with the boats that preceded it.

In a few weeks there will be the official presentation of the boat, but in the meantime we begin to see the first images that anticipate what it will be like.



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