New mechanical and hydraulic Riviera wheelhouses arrive


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Riviera Genova’s new mechanical and hydraulic wheelhouses arrive. Here are all the features, boats and engines they are designed for, and the innovations they bring with them

New mechanical and hydraulic Riviera wheelhouses

In boating, innovation and improvement of components is essential. On the one hand to make superior quality products, and on the other hand to ensure maximum safety at all times. For these new Riviera wheelhouses, the main focuses are mechanical qualities and corrosion resistance.

What boats are mechanical steering systems designed for Riviera

Riviera mechanical wheelhouses are suitable for hulls up to 10 meters in length with engines of less than 100 horsepower. Kits complete with steering box and control cable are available for mechanical steering systems.

What mechanical Riviera wheelhouses look like

The components of Riviera mechanical wheelhouses are made from two components. One part is made of metal and the other with a unique blend of unalterable plastic materials. A quality demonstrated by the 5-year warranty on any construction defects. These materials then have high mechanical resistance to wear, weathering and the sea.

Riviera mechanical wheelhouse

They are designed using the single-gear operating principle. Instead, for motors with greater power, planetary gearing is opted for, a system consisting of three satellites that make a rotation around their own axis and simultaneously implement a rotation around the central axis. With this system, the driving effort is evenly distributed over the central gear by dividing and balancing the stresses experienced by the apparatus.

What does it mean? This results in systems that are more durable, efficient, and have reduced backlash caused by excessive component consumption. They are also equipped with an adjustable clutch via an external knob, and can be adjusted to 8 different positions during installation to allow the cable to exit in the most appropriate direction.

What boats are Riviera hydraulic steering systems designed for?

Hydraulic steering systems are designed for boats equipped with both inboard and outboard engines up to 350 hp.

What mechanical Riviera wheelhouses look like

The system consists of hydraulic pump, delivery and return hoses, cylinder and oil for the circuit. Riviera hydraulic steering gears consist of a pump, operated from the steering wheel, and a hydraulic cylinder connected directly to the engine’s rudder. The force is transmitted from the steering wheel to the pump, which transfers the pressurized circuit oil from one chamber of the cylinder to the other, thus transforming the motion from rotary to linear.

Riviera hydraulic wheelhouse for outboards from 250 to 350 horsepower

Pump and cylinder components are made from the highest quality materials whose characteristics best suit the function of each component. The shaft is manufactured from stainless steel as is the seven-piston rotor. The pumps in these wheelhouses are equipped with a check valve whose function prevents the rudder from generating return forces on the steering wheel. Such a valve allows the installation of systems with multiple control stations. The system is then equipped with dust seal and different types of ORINGs placed in three different positions to give more prevention to the risk of leakage of the hydraulic circuit.

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