Motor boats under 36 feet (11 m). Here are 5 models you can find in our Boat Show


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How to choose the first boat? First, we need to start with measurements. Probably if you are thinking of buying it, you will go for a smaller model, with a length around 10 meters, with a maximum of 11 meters (about 36 feet). Boats in this range are diverse, and shipyards offer prospective owners very different models. Looking for a sportier boat or more of a cruiser? With flybridge or open? A Rib or a cabin cruiser?

We see five models between 20 and 36 feet : the Pirelli 30, the Pyxis 30 WA, the Axopar 22 Spyder, the Bénéteau Antares 11 Fly, and the Toy 36.

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Motor boats under 36 feet. Pirelli 30

Motor boats under 36 feet Tecnorib Pirelli 30

The entry level of Tecnorib’s walkaround range, the Pirelli 30. Created with the aim of concentrating all the contents of the rest of the range in a small size, it is a fast, compact 10-meter that is suitable both as a dayboat and as a support boat. Tecnorib’s Pirelli 30 is a 10-meter-long walkaround inflatable boat. From the stern we immediately find two opposing seats with a fold-down table. Versatility on board is a central element, and this is highlighted by the fact that the dining area becomes a single sundeck in just a few moves.

Pyxis 30 WA

The Pyxis 30 is a boat with an Italian heart. In fact, the two designers who thought up the vessel are Alessandro Chessa of Akes Design and Carlo Galeazzi, a leading name in the world of interior design. Pyxis 30 WA in cruiser version was therefore born as a boat for weekend outings with the possibility of staying overnight on board. The sporty and attractive hull shape at the same time ensures a high standard in terms of navigational safety.

Motor boats under 36 feet – Axopar 22 Spyder

Motor boats under 36 feet Axopar

TheAxopar 22 Spyder is a true boat for those who love to race, offering maneuverability, seaworthiness and safety. These features make it suitable as a first boat even for less experienced boat owners. At 7.2 meters, the Axopar 22 Spyder is compact and maneuverable, but the motorization of up to 200 outboard horsepower allows it to touch top speeds around 45 knots.

Bénéteau Antares 11 Fly

Bénéteau Antares 11, at 11 meters in overall length, is the ultimate family cruiser in the Antares range. Safe, habitable and with excellent marine behavior, this contemporary design unit prioritizes comfort and volume, safety and innovation.

Toy 36

Motor boats under 36 feet Toy 36

The Toy 36 is distinguished by a harmonious design with a classic setting, but rethought at every turn. Materials and components were chosen to blend into the overall design while still leaving the owner the option to customize technical choices and outfitting details. Available in Open, Fly and Outboard versions.



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