Milano Yachting Week, the digital boat show

milano yachting week

From 15 to 21 September at Milano Yachting Week, our first digital boat show, you can visit a large boat show directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Milano Yachting Week 2020

The world changes quickly, it is better to adapt, as the well-known Italian sports journalist and sea lover Mino Taveri begins in the video we show you below We are working for you, with our colleagues from Giornale della Vela and Top Yacht Design, to bring the sea and the world of sailing to your home. How? With the Milano Yachting Week, our first digital boat show.

Why Milan? This is a city of water (Navigli, Darsena) and has the highest number of boat owners in Italy. It is known worldwide for its events. It is a guarantee of quality, dynamism, concreteness.


You can visit Milano Yachting Week on your computer, tablet, smartphone. Wherever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want and how you want. Conveniently, for free and with incredible ease. You can see and see a boat (from a small motorboat to a megayacht), a rib, an accessory, an electronic instrument, the best fishing equipment, and engines. Always with a technician at your disposal.

If you want to touch them, just book a visit. Do you want to buy it now? Just a click. If you have half an idea of a cruise, are looking for a port, want to change insurance for your boat, know what’s beautiful in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, the Milano Yachting Week is for you. And then, you know, sea lovers want the best. Here you will find special watches, clothing for boat and city, the right car, fishing gadgets. At Milano Yachting Week you can meet great sailors, stop to listen to a technical conference, participate in real-time in the launch of a new product. You will be the guests of honor.

When will the digital boat show take place? From Tuesday 15th to Monday 21st September, for a week. But in the digital age, the boundaries, even temporal ones, stretch. With the virtual card (free of charge) you can visit Milano Yachting Week whenever you want, even when the show is closed.




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