Mercury introduces the first V12 outboard: Mercury Verado 600 horsepower

fuoribordo mercury 600 cavalli

The 600-horsepower Mercury Verado V12 outboard has arrived. With its twelve cylinders and 600 horsepower (with Seven Marine no longer in production), this outboard is actually the most powerful on the market. But it’s not just power. Mercury takes a big step forward in outboard motors. Let’s see in detail what the new Mercury Marine outboard looks like.

Mercury 600 horsepower V12 outboard

The new Mercury 600 hp outboard is the first-ever with a V12 powerhead. In a very compact dimension, this outboard is combined with the steerable gearcase and simple, streamlined rigging. The design allows the engine to mount on 27-inch centers.

Another very interesting news is that this Mercury powerful outboard engine has a two-speed transmission. This makes easy work of transferring 600hp to the gearcase. It doles out maximum torque and acceleration in first gear. It is also very silently for his power. We can compare noise and vibration to the Mercury V8 300hp Verado outboard.


Mercury 600 horsepower and his independent steerable gearcase

Electro-hydraulic controls allow the steerable gearcase to react instantly to driver commands. No movement from the engine above water. This way the engine is very precise and the maneuverability is at the top while navigating, but especially around docks.

Mercury Verado 600 hp has contra-rotating propellers

Another important improvement is the dual props configuration. This new series of dual props are designed and made to harness the full potential of 600hp. Designed to run in a contra-rotating configuration, the new propellers power the boat on plane swiftly and efficiently. At the same time this deliver an exceptional handling and fuel economy at midrange speeds.

The Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate noise and vibration, while careful tuning dampens induction sounds and nearly eliminates injection noise.

Fuoribordo Mercury 600

Calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, the V12 Verado outboard leverages dual propellers, a hydrodynamic design, and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) to maximize fuel economy. In one boat test, dual V12 Verado outboards delivered 20% better fuel economy at cruise than triple competitive 425hp outboards.



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