VIDEO TEST – Two Mercury 450r outboards at 60 knots, turn up the volume!

Due Mercury 450 Racing
Two Mercury 450 Racing engines

Pure adrenaline in Genoa where we tried the new “lion” of Mercury, the 450 horsepower Racing. On board the Sacs Strider 11 and the New Jolly Prince 38 Cabin we tested a pair of 450R outboards. Final result? 60 knots! Here is our test on board.


Sergio Davì is record-breaking: he made Palermo-New York on rib!


Mercury 450R

Developed by Mercury Racing is a very powerful engine with an impressive acceleration even when the engine is already high rpm. The Active Trim, the system that automatically adjusts the engine trim according to speed, is an important aid, especially when sailing in demanding conditions with wind and formed wave.


Designed, assembled and tested in Wisconsin by Mercury Racing’s performance gurus for lovers of exaggerated speed, here’s the new Merury outboard with 450 horsepower, numbers in hand, is the one with the best weight ratio (just 313kg) / power, designed for boats from 70 knots … upwards!

Designed for boats that reach speeds above 70 knots, it is characterized by a low level of water collection. For the 450R there’s a new, durable, one-piece, 3.17cm diameter stainless steel drive shaft, and the 450R has a 1.60:1 transmission ratio to improve acceleration and speed.




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