Mercury 450R, here is the 450 horsepower turbo outboard

It’s increasingly outboard mania and Mercury Racing doesn’t stay behind. Mercury Marine’s “racing” brand presented its 450 horsepower outboard, the supercharged and ultra-light 450R.

Designed, assembled and tested in Wisconsin by Mercury Racing’s performance gurus for lovers of exaggerated speed, here’s the new Merury 450 horsepower outboard which, in numbers, is the one with the best weight (just 313kg)/power ratio, designed for boats from 70 knots…upwards!

What does supercharged power mean?

Do you know a Formula 1 car that with a low displacement develop a lot of horsepower? The concept is more or less the same.  The V8 FourStroke 4.6 litre is supercharged with a Mercury Racing turbocharger that produces 450 horsepower and 40% more torque than the “small” 400R.

The engine

The design and placement of the new turbocharger and air coolers allows the 450R to use the same line as the 300R, while incorporating higher flow intake vents.

Designed for boats that reach speeds above 70 knots, it is characterized by a low level of water collection. For the 450R there’s a new, durable, one-piece stainless steel 3.17cm diameter drive shaft. The 450R has a 1.60:1 transmission ratio to improve acceleration and speed.

The importance of electronics

Mercury’s Transient Spark technology controls the generated torque and therefore the speed with Mercury Racing’s custom calibration automatically maintains engine speed regardless of variations in conditions or load, for example in rough waters, for tight turns, water sports and low glide speeds without requiring frequent throttle adjustments.




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