Mercury 400 HP Verado, unveiled a new powerful outboard

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Miami Boat Show, we’re on our way! The first novelty is the launch of the new Mercury Verado, a 400-horsepower outboard that immediately earns the title of the house’s most powerful in the Verado line. After the Mercury 400R Racing comes to an equally powerful engine for yachtsmen.

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More powerful outboards for larger boats

One of the trends of recent times is the outboard motorization even for large motor boats. This trend has also seen an increase in the power of the engines that now have to push heavy boats. With this in mind, Mercury has expanded its range to include a 400-horsepower outboard with the Verado brand.

How much does the Verado 400 horsepower weigh?

This Mercury outboard weighs about 303 kg (668 lbs), which is the same weight as its younger brother, the Verado 350 hp. With these numbers, the Verado 400 is the lightest outboard in the “400+” category.

The 400hp Verado is suitable for a wide range of applications, including center consoles and larger sports boats. It will be available in all the same model variants as the 350hp Verado. It will use only the 5.44″ 1.75 HD and will be available in Phantom Black. It is compatible with the Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO).

“The introduction of the 400 hp Verado is another step forward in the evolution of the proven L6SC platform, which has been successful on the market, and we expect to be successful in the years to come,” said John Pfeifer, president of Mercury Marine. “Through extensive owner research, we have established that there is a market for both variants of the 400 (Verado and Racing), offering consumers the opportunity to have two extremely reliable outboards to choose from according to their preferences.

Mercury Racing will continue to offer the 400R in two different configurations: the 5.44” 1.75 HD, which is suitable for lighter and faster hulls (<70 knots) that would benefit from a red line at 7000 RPM; and the SportMaster 1.75, intended for high speed (>70 knots) applications.

The 400 hp Verado is available for order today and will start shipping in the spring. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $34,135.





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