The trend of the Med Boat | Much more than a “day cruiser”

Barche a motore day cruiser

Engaging design, great power and highly comfortable outdoor spaces: there are the concepts of modern day cruisers. An idea of boat that has fascinated lots of designers, shipyards and boat owners but that has been revisited under multiple aspects. “Day cruiser” is, in fact, a reductive name. These boats are called “open”, “motorboats”, “runabout”, “maxi tenders” “gozzi”: we, instead, have decided to call them “Med Boats”. A boat of this type is perfect to enjoy day trips, to have a bath in a bay, to have dinner on board or enjoy sun and relax. But, as the years go by, everything changes, including boat owners’ needs and, today, Med Boats often feature one or two cabins to spend even a weekend at sea or get a beach house.

The success of the Med Boat: here who loves this boat

The success of this trend is clear. Many shipyard are entering the sector of Med Boats, such as Princess with its R35 or Pardo with the 43 and the 50. But who likes these boats? Med Boats are for everyone: for those who want to approach the yachting world for the first time and want to enjoy their first experiences without renouncing comfort; for those who have or had a bigger boat and now want a more agile craft to have a bath without sacrificing anything. Finally, the superyacht owner who uses Med Boats as a tender to go ashore or approach to anchorages and have a bath. The myth of these boats originated in the ‘50s thanks to the economic boom and the success of historic Riva yachts. But Riva is not the only example. Frauscher, the well-known Austrian boat manufacturer, has a strong identity for this type of boats in its DNA. Frauscher has always focused on design, today just like yesterday, and its style can be considered as unchanged and always recognizable. “These are innovative, fast, open boats – tells Mauro Feltrinelli, Italian importer of the the brand – with great attention to open spaces and innovation”. In the ‘70s, Frauscher had started to innovate and propose even electric propulsion. Design is recognizable from a distance and, thanks to its centuries old tradition, the shipyard has been one of the main players in the birth of this new boat trend in the 2000s.

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