Maxi Ribs conquer yacht owners! Here’s why

sacs rebel 47 fuoribordo

The new generation of Sacs has brought success to maxi-ribs, large inflatable boats (but not only). You can find the Sacs range (from 10 to 15 meters long, inboard and outboard) on the dock at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

Sacs with these boats and with all its range that you can find here has revolutionized the concept, taking the best that has a traditional boat combined with the advantages of a hull that is surrounded by tubular.

The tubulars of Sacs are not air inflated, but are made of an ultra-resistant anti-collision material coated with Neoprene Hypalon, while remaining the structural and aesthetic element that characterizes the boat.

Why Sacs Ribs appeal to owners of large yachts

The cruiser inflatable boat is gaining so much popularity (also thanks to the fashion of the maxi-rib, which pushes its image) that today the real challenge is between yachts of 60-80 feet – about 18/ 24 meters – and these large inflatable boats.

Being able to go out on a boat without being tied down to crew not only makes you freer, but it’s also a significant money saver. Plus, the beauty of having a boat is also steering it directly with our hands. It’s just that in order to helm a 60-footer with ease, you need experience and familiarity.

It has to be said that today the helm station is becoming an increasingly comfortable place, rich in every kind of instrumentation, capable of simplifying the management of every manoeuvre on board. If we then put a lot of roaring outboards in the stern, that’s it. On an adrenalinic and hyper-powered hull we will find optimal navigation and cruising comfort.

Motor boats and maxi-rib

To understand what a maxi-rib is today, just enter the stand of Sacs Marine to immerse yourself in the world of super inflatable boats that Sacs has practically invented. Listening to the interview with Andrea Loro, commercial director of Sacs, you will enter the right “mood” to appreciate these boats, which maintain the imprinting of the tubulars, but are true luxury yachts elegant and performing.

Visit now the range of six models in inboard and outboard versions that Sacs exhibits at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.




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