Magazzù MX-13, new design for this maxi rib that goes at 55 knots


Italian maxi ribs are one of the trends of the moment. This is demonstrated by the Magazzù, a historic Italy-based shipyard that presents the new MX-13 Gran Coupé. A rib that was born from the evolution of the MX-13, a model that hit the market very well. The two different versions share the lines of the hull. As far as the interior and exterior fittings are concerned, however, this inflatable boat is waiting to be discovered.

Magazzù MX-13 Gran Coupe

The new maxi dinghy from Magazzù is an evolution of the MX-13 Coupé, a very successful model with which it shares the hull lines. But the analogies end here because the design, both interior, and exterior, is completely new.

“We arrived at the new model initially following the requests of one of our historic owners who, with his idea of a new rib for him, directed us towards this evolution”. This is how Renato Magazzù explained the birth of this new model.

New interior design, which provides space and greater heights below deck. On the outside, the introduction of a light deckhouse allows natural light to reach the interior without squeaking with the flowing lines of the new MX-13 Gran Coupé. In addition, the new deckhouse design, favors the brightness of the interiors, creating a circulation similar to the walk-around models where, thanks to the good and completely safe handrails, the owner can move the bow even while sailing.


There are several possible motorizations for this rib. It can be equipped both with sterndrive or outboard engines. They range from the 800 HP offered by the two Volvo Penta D6, to a maximum installable power of 1,200 HP, which allows this boat to sail at speeds close to 55 knots.


MX-13, the rib that appeals to everyone

The success of this line for the Magazzù shipyard is one of the reasons that led to this further evolution. At the moment 4 boats in this range are under construction, two traditional MX-13s and, as a demonstration of the enthusiasm with which the new model has been welcomed, also two MX-13 Gran Coupé . All the boats are being completed and will be launched in early spring.


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