Magazzù’s two maxi rib renew their look for Cannes

Magazzu MX 14
Magazzu MX 14

In the wake of the great diffusion that maxi rib are having in recent times, even the historic shipyards have thought to redo the look to their super models: Magazzù is no exception and here is the MX-11 Coupé and the MX-14 Classic, two historical rib of the shipyard, have redone the look. We’ll see them at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show.


Magazzù in Cannes and Genoa

Designed and built entirely by Magazzù, these two maxi rib have been renewed in line with the classic and elegant philosophy of the yard.

MX-11 Coupé

The MX-11 Coupé version has been renewed mainly with regard to the wheelhouse. The dashboard of the console has been redesigned and the seat now features separate seats, both of which can be folded down to optimise space and adapt to needs. The spaces on board have been rationalised and the bar cabinet, located behind the driver’s seats, is now more comfortable because it is better opened towards the stern.

“Innovation and continuity is the combination on which the restyling of the MX-11 Coupé is based”, says Claudio Magazzù. “While the boat’s distinctive features remain unchanged, we have reorganised the spaces on board to allow the owner to experience the boat in greater comfort”.

Magazzu MX 11
Magazzu MX 11

MX-14 Classic

The MX-14 Classic is also being renovated and modernised. The bow nose has been streamlined to make it easier to descend and ascend from the bow. On board the T-Top is now able to better cover the cockpit area, equipped with an electric retractable awning, which can be removed directly from the T-Top itself. The stern platform increases the stowage space. In addition, the redesigned platform allows the adoption of any system of automatic descent.

“The restyling of the MX 14 Classic is the answer to the needs of owners who over the years have changed the way of life of the boat. Today the owner must be able to live comfortably every space on board, both inside and outside. That’s why the study of automated systems to create greater areas of shade on deck or to facilitate the descent into the water,” comments Renato Magazzù.

During the salons, it will be possible to try out the MX-11 Coupé and MX-13 Coupé in the water. Visitors will be able to board the boats.

Magazzu MX 14
Magazzu MX 14



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