M8 by Nuva Yachts, here is the project

M8 Nuva

Nuva Yachts unveils its new boat, the 7.99-metre long M8, a yacht with modern, aggressive lines that aims to outperform its predecessor, the M6.

The new yacht from Nuva will have ample space in the dining area, which also becomes a bed, inside a boat with a very modern design. In addition to the convivial spaces, the area below deck also has two special spaces, one dedicated to a cabin and the other to a complete toilet, with a shower from one meter and nine inches high.

The real area to be experienced, however, is the deck, where you can fully enjoy the features of this day cruiser. The M8 model has a high freeboard, an external kitchen and a stern seat hides the outboard motors and can also become a comfortable solarium. This solution has the double advantage of damping the noise of the two engines and to gain more space than that already “taken” below deck to the engine room (in case of outboard engines).

Motorisation of the Nuva Yachts M8

M8 Nuva
M8 Nuva

The new model aims to outperform previous models in terms of navigation sensations and performance. In the M8 there are many different engines, with a choice of 1 or 2 outboards and even 1 or 2 inboards. The boat is designed to be a fast and elegant sports boat.

In May 2019 the first water tests will be carried out and all the details of the model will be provided.




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