Luxury powerboats ready to fly | Superfoils 15 is under construction

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Flying on the water is the new frontier, a new way of experiencing the sea, but it also a reason less connected to the emotions on board. A boat equipped with foil reduces water friction by 40%. The result? Consumption is reduced and consequently the amount of fuel needed to navigate is much lower: the advantage is clear both for the owner and for the environment even if you are keen on flying at 50 knots. Speaking of luxury day cruisers come to mind the Riva Icon. How could the 2.0 luxury powerboat in the foil world be? Maybe like the Superfoils 15!

A new paradigm in luxury motor boats: here is the Superfoils 15

For pleasure boating it is a moment of great excitement, but from projects there is someone who goes to practice. One of the pioneers in the flying luxury powerboats industry is Inesse Corporation, an Italian startup featuring Superfoils15, the 15-meter luxury flying speedboat that is already under construction.

This foil hull can be customized to have two different configurations of navigation: the surfing and the flying one. The performance of this day cruiser is truly impressive: in “surfing” mode you navigate at a cruising speed of between 30 and 38 knots. If you want more adrenaline you just have to change configuration: in “foiling” mode the boat reaches 54 knots consuming almost half of a boat of equal size not flying. But is it a day cruiser or a racing boat?

Comfort on a flying powerboat

SuperFoils15, whose lamination has already begun (all in carbon fiber), takes a lot from the technology of racing boats because performance is one of the main focuses. But the comfort of an offshore speedboat would not convince the shipowners looking for the day cruiser of the future. As a practice in the nautical world, the project has high levels of customization. Watching the project the interiors are large and spacious, with great care given to the liveability on board, fundamental for the MedBoat, as we define the modern day cruiser. Materials of the latest generation and a lot of technology for this boat that wants to become an icon of luxury motor boats, relied on her Made in Italy DNA. Inesse’s staff are engineers and designers from Italian excellence such as Ferrari, Pagani, Luna Rossa America’s Cup. Will the SuperFoils 15 represent the “Riva 2.0”?

Focus safety

For those who sell or buy a boat to go out with friends and family safety is essential. Even more so on this flying boat the theme of safety has been very thorough and on the Superfoils 15 you will find many patented electronic security devices that currently on the market do not exist yet.

Technical features



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