Lomac Turismo 7.0: the sporty family RIB (7 m)

Lomac Turismo 7.0
Lomac Turismo 7.0

Lomac renews the look and design of its Turismo range, and launches a world premiere of the new Lomac Turismo 7.0 at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show. This 7-metre RIB is the first in a new series and promises unimaginable performance by segment standards. Performance, excellent seaworthiness, comfort and safety are the key elements the yard has focused on with this new Rib.

Lomac Turismo 7.0

Over the next four years, Lomac aims to redefine the entire Turismo range with investments in research, development, and design. In the meantime however, from 22 to 27 September in Genoa, we will see these promises with the new Turismo 7.0, powered by a Mercury 250HP outboard.

Lomac Turismo 7.0
Lomac Turismo 7.0


Designed for family use, the RIB actually offers much more, a factor that is perhaps already apparent from its design, a heavy-duty look that is partly military-inspired. Paradoxically, it is precisely these marine qualities that make it ideal for family use. Designed by Federico Fiorentino, known for his expertise in designing high-performance boats, the 7.0 promises precisely to impress with its live-work, and consequently its excellent liveability on deck. Extremely high performance, with a vertical bow wheel, it is a design that focuses on being comfortable and dry in all sea conditions. The design recovers strong lines and high freeboard for greater protection, thus increasing not only actual comfort, but also safety in any rough sea conditions.

Lomac Turismo 7.0
Lomac Turismo 7.0


On deck, however, there is a classic Mediterranean approach, with livability and comfort at the core. In just seven metres, in fact, Lomac manages to condense a double sundeck forward of the console and a stern sundeck that can be converted into a dinette, with a central table and “C” shaped seating for 6/8 guests on board. The helm station seating is also very promising, with its restrained ergonomics, ideal for sailing even in rough seas. Lastly, the aft spaces, around the engine, provide a sort of ‘toilet area’. Also appreciable is the position of the console, advanced beyond the centre of the boat, so as to shift weights towards the bow to favour planing conditions. 

hull lines
Lomac Turismo 7.0

Altogether promising, the boat will make its debut at the Genoa International Boat Show this September 2022, and will be available in two versions: a more Mediterranean one, with white and grey tones, and a second, more Nordic, with darker shades.

exterior boat design
Lomac Turismo 7.0 in light-coloured version

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