Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 and 11.0: two new sporty ribs for cruising

Lomac GranTursimo Cruiser 11
Lomac GranTursimo Cruiser 11

Lomac, a Milan-based shipyard led by the Lo Manto family, brings two new rib to the Cannes boat show. The French event has been chosen to present from September 7 to 12, 2021 two new inflatable boats: the Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 and 11.0.

Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 and 11.0

The purpose of these two new models is to combine the performance of an inflatable boat with the habitability of a cruiser suitable for weekends or short cruises. For this reason, in addition to the deck plan, the interior of the boat has been carefully developed, where there are a cabin, a bathroom, and storage areas.

Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 and 11.0 Cruiser

The new GranTurismo 12.5 and 11.0 are called Cruiser and are the result of all the development work done on the Lomac GranTurismo 12. As far as the hull lines are concerned, the experience of the shipyard means that lines have been developed to manage triple and double outboard engines.

Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5
Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5

The main news of these two models is the bow area that does not alter the lines and design of the boat, but allows for 30% more space in the cabin. A solution that does not disturb the shape, but has a great added value in terms of function. The stern sundeck, on the other hand, thanks to a large hydraulic hatch, has an additional very spacious storage area. So sporty line and cruiser spaces on two Lomac inflatable boats.

The design of the console of both models is in line with the GranTurismo range. The two boats differ only in terms of length, while the width and height are similar to ensure greater protection and comfort when making long navigations..

These two new inflatable boats, which aim to be de facto sport cruisers of limited size, will make their official debut in 2021, at the Cannes Yachting Festival, scheduled for September 7-12.



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