Lomac 850 IN, the rib for the family that loves the outdoors

Lomac 850 IN
Lomac 850 IN

The Lomac 850 IN, the rib that completes the IN range, made its debut in Genoa. The ninth model in the line, it is positioned between the 790 and 1100, the flagship of the series characterized by very large sunbathing areas and the center console setting. The design idea behind this model is the one that distinguishes the entire range. To create a vehicle suitable for the sea life of those who have family, but without sacrificing performance. A feature common to all products made by Lomac, such as Adrenalina or Granturismo.

Lomac 850 IN
Lomac 850 IN

Lomac 850 IN, outdoor anthem

The 850 is defined by the large convertible sunbathing areas, starting with the large aft area. In this zone the seat for four adults side by side has a fold-down backrest. This makes it a large pad for sunbathing. It is able to extend its dimensions even further. The removable dining table, in fact, thanks to the telescopic leg, can be lowered to the level of the seat. It can be covered with a cushion to provide additional surface on which to lie down. This activity is also repeated in the bow, where the cushions can be extended until the forward fall of the console.

Lomac 850 IN
Lomac 850 IN

Thought for the family

The blanket is also equipped with a standup that contains a sink, always useful, and the possibility of adding a refrigerator. The steering console is well finished with a transparent windscreen framed by a massive steel handrail. In addition to aesthetically outlining the profile offers a secure point of contact to keep in navigation. Inside the console, as is the case with all models in the range from the 660, the Lomac 850 IN houses an essential but functional toilet.

The evident fibreglass rollbar positioned at the beginning of the rear third is also the awning support. In addition to covering the cockpit, it can also be extended with steel supports to cover the bow area.

Lomac 850 IN
Lomac 850 IN

The basic colour of the tubes and fibreglass with which Lomac offers this model is cream, used in combination with upholstery finished with darker elements. However, you can choose different shades to suit your taste.

Despite the outboard motorization, the two platforms at the side of the engines remain at the stern. The maximum power that can be installed is 400 hp in the case of a double engine or 300 hp in the case of a single engine. But this model can be satisfied with more limited cavalry, as demonstrated by the Evinrude E-TEC G2 K115H.O, which completed the model exhibited at the Genoa Boat Show.



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