Levanzo 25: all eyes are on this Italian 7.8m boat!

Lilybaeum Levanzo 25
Lilybaeum Levanzo 25

At NauticSud 2022, the Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 (7.88 m) made her Italian debut. You only had to spend a few minutes in front of the boat to hear the comments of those passing by. Everyone was on the same wavelength: this boat is really beautiful. We climbed on board the Levanzo 25 and saw what the 8-metre yacht looks like, which is enjoying great success both in Spain and Italy. The boat has a base price of €45,900 plus engine and VAT. On average, a basic model starts at around €70,000 plus VAT.

Levanzo 25

This boatyard took its first steps in 2020. A very difficult year to start business, even with a well-thought-out project. However, the unfavourable situation didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the two young Sicilian businessmen, Giorgio Maggio and Vincenzo Pecorella, who within two years have managed to fill the production line with considerable success, especially in Spain. However, the debut model, the Levanzo 25, is not only aesthetically successful. It is also well thought out in terms of deck layout. What about performance? We haven’t tested it in the water yet, but we’re starting to see what it looks like.

Levanzo 25
Levanzo 25

The design of the boat, created by one of the shipyard’s founders, Giorgio Maggio, was engineered by Alessandro Chessa of Akes Design.


Levanzo 25 – Deck

A fresh and young boat, but well thought out. This is the first impression you get when looking at the deck, which is totally dedicated to a day at sea. The aft platform is large, with the engines mounted on the transom. This makes for a livable platform despite the presence of the outboards. The area from the stern to the centre of the boat is dominated by two sundecks separated by a central walkway where it is possible to insert a further cushion. The result is a full-beam area to enjoy the sun.

Lilybaeum Levanzo 25
Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 

Given that the Levanzo 25 comes with a T-Top as standard, an awning can be set up from here to shelter the entire sundeck. Thanks to the presence of the outboard, in this area there is a storage locker that, besides being easily accessible, is also of considerable size and allows the stowage of toys, masks, fins and other equipment.

Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum - Coperta
Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 – Deck

In the centre of the boat a cocktail cabinet can include a sink and refrigerator, and a three-seat sofa opposite. In order to get to the bow, hands will find several handrails that the shipyard supplies with leather upholstery to match the colour of the cushions.

At the bow of this unit, under the T-Top, is the control panel from which the chosen engine (from one to two outboards) can be controlled. A push-button panel instrumentation is supplied as standard to control the boat’s services. At the bow of the dashboard there is a second convivial area.


Lilybaeum Levanzo 25
Lilybaeum Levanzo 25

What we liked – Levanzo 25

  • Many standard accessories including Cer-Deck cover, shower system and cushions
  • Livable deck layout. In detail, the wide bulwarks guarantee fully enjoyment of the boat
  • Large storage compartment under the stern sundeck
  • Customization options

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Scheda tecnica della barca: Levanzo 25

  • LOA: 7.88 m
  • Max Beam: 2,55 m
  • Draft: 0,40 m
  • Weight: 1.8 t
  • Water: 70 l
  • Fuel: 347 l
  • People: 8/10
  • Engine: 1 / 2 outboard
  • Design: Lilybaeum Yacht s.r.l.
  • Project: Lilybaeum Yacht & Akes Design.
  • Shipyard: Lilybaeum Yacht s.r.l
  • Category CE: B/C
  • Contact: lilybaeumyacht.com



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