Letter from the Med – Barche a Motore is Back!

We start from the Mediterranean

Hello from the Mediterranean. We are on board our boat, in a beautiful Ita- lian port. We are making the nal adjustments to this issue of “Mediterranean Boat Magazine”, the new version of Barche a Motore. While we leaf through it before going to print, we see how the universe of boats, marine accessories and yachting tourism has deeply changed since our magazine was issued for the rst time, in 1990. Everything is so different that we have decided to revo- lutionize Barche a Motore in all its aspects: philosophy, contents and graphics. Because, in every single issue, we want to tell you everything worth knowing and examining at the same time it takes place. Which boats will we focus on? All models from 0 to 24 metres in length. What kind of accessories? All acces- sories. What kind of engine? Any. For what? To have fun on the water. Which holiday destination? Everywhere in the Mediterranean. Because it’s exactly from the Mediterranean, as our title clearly suggests, that we start to tell you the yachting world. Fascinating to the inhabitants of the Earth since always, this sea is the real “in uencer” for all those who produce, love and use the sea. We start from there. From the Mediterranean.

Have a good reading and a good view!



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