How Much Italians Spend for Their Boat in a Year

Over 70% of Italian yachtsmen sail an average of between 30 and 60 days a year whether they own a motorboat or a sailboat. This is said by a research carried out by Assonautica among shipowners (about 45%) and among all other types of yachtsmen, carried out in the main Italian marinas and through the forum “Amici della Vela” which means “Sailing Friends”. The differences arise when you ask how many miles you sail in a year. More than 78% sail in a year with a motor boat between 100 and 200 miles while sailors use it much more, 61% do from 200 to over 300 miles.

How Much Italians Spend for a Boat

  • Mooring: the most important cost  for the use of the boat in Italy is the annual berth. The motorboat’s owner spend on average 4.160 euros while the sailors are more thrifty, they stop at 2.980 euros.
  • Fuel: of course the differences in annual expenditure are also significant for fuel, 4.535 euros is the average cost of the Italian who uses the motorboat, while sailors stop at 1. 340 euros.
  • Maintenance: with regard to boat storage costs, antifouling, accessories, and equipment the two categories of yachtsmen the situation is reversed. In the year the motorboat’s owners stop at 1. 415 euros, while sailors spend an average of 2,270 euros.


  • a sailing boat spends on average 6,590 euro
  • a motorboat spends on average 10,110 euros


The search has also enquired about the budget of Italians during the summer cruise. The total cost between the two categories of those who go on holiday in the summer is equivalent: sailors spend an average of 3,240 euros, while a motorboat spends 3.415 euros.

Motorboat’s owner spends less on moorings in ports during summer, 615 euros compared to 730 euros for sailors. This is because the sailor often makes longer cruises than the motorboat’s owner. It proves it, those who sail spend even more in the galley, 1,075 euros, compared to the 715 euros of a motorboat. Obviously, the average expenditure for the fuel of a motorboat is higher, 1.150 euros compared to 900 euros for sailing. At the restaurant and for shopping the cost during the cruise is the same: the motorboat’s owner spends about 760 euros while the sailor spends 710 euros.




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