The new ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO (30 metres). Top speed 50 knots

ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO
ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO


There’s a new fast motor yacht at sea: the name is ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO and it’s 30 meters long. Launched at Ancona by Palumbo Superyachts, it is set to make her debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, scheduled for next September. This model is the smallest in the range. The ISA Super Sportivo line also includes the larger 121-foot and 141-foot models.

ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO

ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO recently launched and is one of the fastest large yachts on the market. Top speed? Around 50 knots, powered by three MAN engines of 2000 horsepower each.

Marco Casali (Too Design) designed both exteriors and interiors, while naval engineering is by Palumbo Superyachts. ISA Super Sportivo 100ft GTO is a pure and fast open yacht with top sea-keeping and great performance.

ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO: how does she go so fast

The sleek lines of the ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO are underlined by the high, deep-V bow. The profile quickly lowers as it goes aft. Powered by a total of 6000 horsepower, this powerboat is built from epoxy-based vinylester resin with carbon fiber and Kevlar reinforcements. This is done to ensure maximum lightness and strength to the hull and superstructure.

The boat’s performance is enhanced stylistically by the large air intakes with a dynamic function for those positioned above the hardtop.

ISA Super Sportivo 100 GTO: exterior and interior

The sleek lines are accentuated by the high deep V-shaped bow and by the profile angle rapidly decreasing towards the aft. The sizeable open surfaces available forward and astern make it a unique product in its category, while the large opening glass panels of the hardtop still ensure maximum comfort even in the covered areas of the cockpit. The boat performance is stylistically amplified by the big air intakes playing a dynamic role when positioned above the hardtop.

The interior, available in several options from 3 to 5 guest cabins in addition to the two crew cabins, is totally customizable and characterized by a design aimed to maximize light and confer an iconic architecture on spaces.




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