Is the stern with outboards uncomfortable? Not on this Galeon 325 GTO

Galeon 325 GTO Outboard
Galeon 325 GTO – Stern sundeck version

Galeon 325 GTO is the Polish shipyard’s first outboard boat. The stern of the Galeon 325 GTO is available in several versions. The first, classic one is the one with the stern all open and the center outboards.

The second is Tony Castro’s “Polish-style” stern, which turns outboard disadvantages into strengths. What disadvantages? With outboard motors, the stern is less spacious and less practical, and it all starts with a question of space. The main disadvantage of installing outboards lies in the fact that I put an obstacle that I cannot lie on and that reduces the platform to two small beaches on either side of the engine(s). But the “optional” stern of this Galeon, seems anything but uncomfortable. Here’s why.

Galeon 325 GTO
Galeon 325 GTO

Galeon 325 GTO and Tony Castro’s Polish-style stern

Already with the Parker Monaco 1100 (also in flybridge version), we have seen a similar solution to that of the Galeon 325 GTO. This allows the area above the outboards to be used with a sundeck. Parker, just like Galeon, is a Polish shipyard. But the element that unites these two projects is the designer, Tony Castro.

We can say, however, that the Galeon 325 GTO raises the bar even higher. How? Not only with the sundeck over the outboards, but also with the stern bulwarks opening. The boat is therefore closed and secure, under sail, but ready to open to butterfly as soon as you arrive at the roadstead. Galeon’s first outboard boat is a semi-open all-purpose boat. The first is clearly that of weekend sports motor boat.

As a third solution, for fishing enthusiasts, there is a package that includes a live bait tank and additional lockers for storing fishing gear, rod holders, etc.

Galeon 325 GTO: let’s get on board

Much of the boat’s structure is made of carbon fiber, which has significantly reduced the boat’s weight while increasing its rigidity. In the cockpit on the port side is a large wet bar, whose basic equipment is a grill, sink, refrigerator, and large functional storage compartments. There is the possibility of changing the configuration at the customer’s request. One of the additional and most frequently chosen options is the icebox and a 32-inch pop-up TV.

In the bow is a bow-rider configuration for extra seating space, accessed through a door that keeps the interior protected from spray and wind.

The dashboard is equipped with the latest electronics, navigation and attitude systems. The control system is equipped with docking joysticks and an additional virtual docking system. All the equipment needed to drive safely at nearly 40 knots.

Galeon 325 GTO – Below Deck

Inside the yacht, there is a large double area and seating in the bow. In the aft part is a luxurious sleeping space, while to starboard is a comfortable fully equipped bathroom with shower and electric toilet. All in the usual quality of Galeon boats. By special request, all rooms can be air-conditioned or heated.
The above is just a summary of the many features of this project.


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