Invictus TT460 is the new flagship of the shipyard

Invictus TT460
Invictus TT460

Invictus Yacht presents the new flagship: Invictus TT460. Current market trends require important research in terms of deck space and propulsion. And so the new TT460 Invictus introduces two interesting new features: the first is that deck space is increased by two folding sides. The second is the use of two Volvo Penta IPS 650 thrusters.

TT460 will be the new Invictus flagship

The new flagship, Invictus TT460, is 14.27 meters long and is preparing to make its debut this summer. The sleek and essential lines are the distinctive features of the Invictus hulls, which combine style and attention to performance: two Volvo Penta IPS 650 Volvo Penta engines are on board the new TT460.

Characterizing the profile of this new Invictus motorboat is, from bow to centerboard, the windshield, which finds continuity in the carbon hardtop.

The entire length of the deck, characterized by a perimeter walkway, houses a large sundeck at the bow, with a foldaway seat at the front; in the middle of the boat, thanks to the folding tables, the dinette can make room for a second sundeck, protected by the hardtop. At the same height, the walls can be equipped with two foldable side terraces, thus increasing the living space on board.

Invictus TT460

The aft beach can be lined with teak, as can the whole deck. The shipyard has provided the possibility of equipping it with a hydraulic handling device to make it easier to climb aboard and manage the tender.

Below deck on this new Invictus Yacht

Internally, Invictus Yacht has decided to give owners great possibilities for customization: from the open space solution, with a convertible double bed at the stern and a lounge area at the bow, to the creation of bulkheads for the division of space and a consequent increase in privacy.

“Customization” is also the watchword when focusing on finishes and details: the choice of colors and upholstery “exploits” the presence of the Atelier Invictus, which leaves the customer important freedom of choice, allowing them to configure the boat according to their tastes and needs.



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