CX 250 Invictus | Italian style, comfort and space to sail at 36 knots

INVICTUS 250CX barche a motore 5

“The Invictus CX250 is the compact synthesis of the CX280, but with all the ingredients that have made the success of the bigger sister”. With these words Christian Grande has described his CX 250 that in less than 8 meters – 7.75 – puts together comfortable and habitable interior spaces combined with an exterior that makes enjoy the open air and contact with the sea. Undoubtedly the CX 250 is able to be a MedBoat, the modern kind of day cruisers that we have discussed in our November special.

CX 250: attention to the steering position!

We are dealing with a motor boat of the CX range, whose essence lies in enclosing in a little space the maximum comfort and equipment that are usually the prerogative of larger boats. Optimizing space is therefore necessity – and virtue – for this MedBoat which, starting from the stern, exploits a sterndrive engine with a dedicated hull. The advantage? A large aft platform that is exploited at best in roadsteads or to go up or down the dock. In accordance with this view, the fact of having an L-shaped sofa with folding backrest further increases the aft sundeck towards the cockpit, when necessary. The wheelhouse is one of the focuses on which the shipyard is particularly concentrated in the CX series which has a vertical development. And at the center of the boat, the 250 is perfect for those who like to live in a “convivial” way the time spent at sea. And when is too hot? The shade is not lacking with the retractable awning that extends over the entire living area.

Optimize space, without forgetting the power

Going down in front of the eyes appears an open space with a corner toilet where the WC disappears into a dedicated space. And to more optimize the spaces? To the left of the down stairs there is a stowage area with a large capacity. Not only space, but also light and then as a better solution than two long windows in the side, which also give the eye breath from the point of view of size. Caring the interior the shipyard didn’t forget the design of the hull. Driving comfort and remarkable performance for this 7.75 meters that with the installable sterndrive propulsion reaches a maximum power of 250 horses, that allows this boat to sail up to 36 knots of speed. The comfortable cruise settles around 25 knots.

Technical features

  • Length overall: 7,75 m
  • Beam max: 2,45 m
  • Weight: 2.500 kg
  • Capacity: 820-1.020 kg
  • Person capacity: B8/C10
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6-240-CE-K / MerCruiser V6 250
  • Maximum speed: 36,3 kn
  • Cruising speed: 25 Kn
  • Building material: Fibra di vetro/Fiber glass
  • Design: Christian Grande
  • Builder: Cantieri Aschenez



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