Invictus Capoforte SX200 is a stylish 6 meter boat (also for beginners)

Invictus Capoforte SX200
Invictus Capoforte SX200

Invictus Capoforte SX200 is the new entry-level boat from Invictus Yacht. A 6-meter boat, pure open, ideal as a first boat for young owners or those approaching boating for the first time. In a compact format, onboard the Capoforte SX200 we find those features common to all models, even the largest. Six meters, yes, but without sacrificing fun with a 150 horsepower outboard with which you can touch a maximum speed of 30 knots.

Invictus Capoforte SX200

The first model of the new Capoforte range is born from the hand of Christian Grande, who has created a six-meter that focuses heavily on liveability on board. The bow and stern areas can both be set up as sunbathing or living areas. They can be differentiated according to the need or keep “united” in a single space.

Invictus Capoforte SX200 - Design

The layout features an off-center wheelhouse that creates a direct transition between the stern and bow. In front of this space, there is also space for a mobile grill. The storage areas, throughout the boat, allow you to store everything that can get in the way or give annoyance when it is not necessary. Style and elegance then, combined with great livability on board.

The new SX200 is the firstborn of the Capoforte collection, which includes models from 19 to 28 feet (previously grouped under the sign X), characterized by elegant aesthetics and a careful ergonomic study for relaxation on the waves.

Invictus Capoforte SX200 powertrain

With the 150 horsepower outboard, the Invictus Capoforte SX200 can reach a top speed of 30 knots, with a cruising speed of around 20 knots. This motorization powerful, without being exaggerated, is also suitable for those who approach boating for the first time.

Invictus Capoforte SX200

Invictus Capoforte SX200: colors

The cockpit confirms the traditional Invictus Yacht ivory/cognac colors, with the use of new fabrics featuring a woven leather effect, while the console is painted in “Sunset Gold” (matte rose gold) color, matching the cognac details. There are four hull colors: Blue Whale, Personal White, Dark Shadow, and Attack Grey.

The boat for everyone according to Invictus Yacht

With this engine and features, the Invictus Capoforte SX200 is the entry-level of the brand. Therefore, it represents the ideal solution for the family as well as for younger users, who want to approach boating without too demanding an investment.

Invictus Yacht

  • Length overall: 6,1 m
  • Maximum beam: 2.4 m
  • Capacity: 1080 kg
  • Person Capacity: 8
  • Hp max allowed: 1×150 hp
  • Fridge: 42 l (optional)
  • Fuel capacity: 200 l
  • Water capacity: 50 l
  • Building material: Fiber glass
  • Design: Christian Grande
  • Shipyard: Cantieri Aschenez
  • Click here to see the boat



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