How I check your stairs and walkways with a finger: here’s Besenzoni’s app


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BUC is the Besenzoni app that lets you control the gangways and, from today, the ladders, of your boat. The world is going digital, and nautical accessories are not lagging behind. From Besenzoni comes a host of features, all new, for BUC, that is the Besenzoni Unit Control, a Besenzoni app for cell phones and tablets. Originating as a control for gangways, it now allows for the management and movement of recessed boarding ladders as well. How? With one finger, from your phone, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Besenzoni Unit Control app: how to control stairs and walkways from your phone

The Besenzoni Unit Control puts everything within reach of a smartphone. This company does not lack experience. Established over 50 years ago, it has made quality and technological innovation its strengths. The latest innovation comes in precisely this vein: the expanded functions of the already well-known and popular BUC APP, Besenzoni Unit Control. In addition to full control of external and recessed walkways, the new Besenzoni Unit Control allows everything to be moved via smartphone or tablet . Manage in/out and up/down movements as well as multifunction hydraulic ladders. This app does not “retire” the remote control, however, it offers more possibilities to devices that can be used in life on board, making everything easier by taking advantage of Bluetooth technology.

Besenzoni Unit Control: the minimum requirements

The app can be connected to up to 8 devices at the same time, is free and works in both IOS (generation 10.0 or higher) and Android (7.0 or higher) environments. In addition to its functions, the app then also provides the ability to link to the map of support services around the world. In this way it can be consulted easily and in time of need.

Besenzoni Unit Control (BUC) allows us to take advantage of a tool, the cell phone or tablet, that we always have at hand, by simply using Bluetooth technology, in parallel with the use of the classic infrared or radio wave remote control, which is already included with the purchase of the walkway.

Besenzoni once again proves to be in step with the times, offering sophisticated software that certainly meets the needs of today’s shipowners for immediacy and ease of use.

More information on how it works can be found at the website page:



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