Mooring has never been so easy with Harken

Mooring with Harken is easier! At the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show there is a solution to make mooring easier.

Harken CLR Mooring Winch: mooring and anchoring has never been so easy

Harken finds a solution to your mooring problems. In its booth, the American brand presents the revolutionary CLR Mooring Winch which allows, at the touch of a button, to automatically maneuver the pulling or releasing of the mooring lines. Moreover, CLR is telescopic (never seen before!) and disappears flush with the deck when not in use. No clutter and risk of stepping on your feet while walking on the deck. What’s more, it is incredibly lightweight and takes up very little space below deck.

Harken CLR Mooring Winch
Harken CLR Mooring Winch

If you watch the video interview with Emanuele Cecchini, the Commercial Director of Harken, you will understand better what we are talking about.

An ingenious idea that solves the what is the main problem of almost all crews when entering the port: make mooring maneuvers easy, effortless, and without getting dirty or hurt when using the mooring lines.

There is also a version of CLR Mooring Winch that can be installed in the bow, for example when you have to maneuver a line attached to a buoy. An even more useful accessory when there are few and perhaps inexperienced people on board.

Harken CLR Mooring Winch can also be installed on sailing and motorboats from 45 feet (approx. 13.5 meters).

Additional info about Harken CLR Mooring Winch

Find out how Harken’s technicians have solved the problem, what this new accessory looks like, and how it can be fitted onboard by visiting the product on the booth at Milan Yachting Week, (CLICK HERE).

You can also talk directly with Harken’s experts via email or, if you prefer, go and see it first-hand by booking an appointment.



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