Palm Beach GT50: the 42 knot Open debuts in 2019

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GT 50 OPEN, boat by Palm Beach Motor Yachts

Palm Beach Motor Yachts GT50 Open, a 16.4-metre Open that represents the shipyard’s novelty after the GT50’s debut last September, will arrive for the Miami Boat Show in 2019. It is a fast cruiser capable of overcoming 40 knots and cruising at 30 knots. The Open model will be presented in Miami this year.

GT50, a luxury boat for a fast cruise

The GT50 Open, unlike the closed model Express, will allow those who sail to enjoy more of the relationship with the sea on days of cruise. The great speed that this boat can achieve is mainly the result of a great work of lightening the weight on the hull, which does not renounce, however, to solidity.

“Yachtsmen from the sunniest parts of the world will be able to enjoy an open layout to experience unique emotions on a day on the water,” says Mark Richards, CEO and founder of Palm Beach Motor Yachts.

The origin of boat speed

In line with the design philosophy of strong, yet lightweight hulls with exciting and efficient performance, the Palm Beach shipyard uses carbon fibre to further reduce weight and vertical centre of gravity. This method also helps to further improve stability and performance. The GT line includes elegant cruising yachts, easy to steer and simple to use, capable of over 40 knots, with an economic cruising speed of around 30 knots. The hull is then built in e-glass with a fully infused vinylester core, completed by a deck and superstructure in 100% carbon fibre infused. The bulkheads and deck are structurally linked to the hull for greater strength and rigidity, forming a semi-monocoque shell that produces a very strong structure.

The boat’s finishes

Below deck there is a strong attention to detail with contemporary finishes that blend with more classic choices, in a mix of elegance. The spacious forward owner’s cabin is equipped with a large shower, a large kitchen and a double bed aft. Access to the engine is under the control deck.

Palm Beach is working on other models for the GT line, including a GT60 that will make its debut in September 2019. The performance projections of the 1960s require a top end with 40 high-end knots, which marks a real change in the industry. A GT70 is also in the design process that will follow the introduction of the GT60.



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