GT280s, Invictus’s best-seller is now with outboards


We had seen and tried one of these boats for the first time a few months ago on Lake Iseo (CLICK HERE). The other is a great classic in outboard version. Now those boats have been officially presented to the general public and we tell you about them. We are talking about the GT280s, the Invictus classic now in outboard version, and the CX270, the real novelty of the shipyard. Let’s find out in detail.

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Invicuts GT280s

The GT280 is one of the most successful boats of the shipyard, but so far we haven’t seen it in outboard configuration. In line with the times, the outboard option is almost a must for small and medium-sized boats and even the GT280s does not escape this logic. Recommended with a double engine of 250 horsepower (total 500) is able to achieve great performance in navigation. The semi-winded bow, sharp and massive at the same time, is also the stylistic trait of the two older sisters in the range, the GT320 and the GT370, both powered by inboard engines.


Invictus CX270

A boat with a sporty profile, with the typical lines of Invictus, able to give many surprises. At the stern, the two small but comfortable beaches make it easy to get on and off or enjoy the “sea” area, even with the double engine. In the cockpit everything can be modulated and adjusted according to whether you want to take a bath, stay in the company or navigate comfortably. The seat is close to the cockpit area, but remains well separated and immediately behind the entrance to the cabin. We immediately understand that we are on an elegant boat also from the attention to detail such as the various design choices that have been made on deck, from the skins to the bollards, which from simple “accessories” are transformed into valuable elements. The strong point of the boat, however, is the bow sundeck, which hides the awning even underneath, easy to open and close. It can be motorized in various ways, including a double outboard of 220 horsepower each.





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