The story of the ghost yacht sunk in the ice and then re-emerged

“Mar Sem Fim”, also called “Endless Sea” was a Brazilian yacht that sank at Maxwell Bay of Ardley Cove, Antarctica, about 1,200 kilometers south of the tip of South America in April of 7 years ago. Since then it has remained a ghost boat for over a year, half sunk.

He was engaged in a documentary

Owned by a well-known Brazilian journalist and entrepreneur, João Lara Mesquita, the yacht had 4 people on board when it sank. The crew was busy shooting a documentary off the Antarctic coast when a strong wind of over 100 kilometers per hour caught the boat pushing it against the ice. Trapped in the frost, the crew launched a radio may day that was received by the Chilean Navy at Bahia Fildes, Antarctica.

All four researchers were rescued, but bad weather delayed the process by a couple of days. The waves were very high and the wind continued to blow relentlessly. “Our evacuation was extremely risky. Waves of almost two meters and winds at 40 knots made the operations really hard. A member of the Endless Sea crew tells us. When the Chilean Navy’s boat finally managed to get closer, the documentary filmmakers immediately jumped aboard, finally escaped. Everything went well for the people, but not for Mar Sem Fim, who could not be recovered in any way at the moment.

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Sinked and trapped in ice

The icy water that entered the hull then froze, expanding and sinking the Mar Sem Fim yacht, which ended up at the bottom of the shallow bay, just 10 meters deep. For a year it was possible to observe the boat from above at the beginning of 2013. Owner João Lara Mesquita then managed to get back to that position and when the weather conditions allowed it he sent down the divers who wrapped the hull with suspensions attached to some buoys inflated on both sides.

The buoys were inflated by gradually lifting the yacht that had been underwater for almost a year. Once the boat re-emerged, towing operations began as far as the shore where the researchers recovered their equipment. The maximum insurance coverage, however, was “only” $700,000. Too few to repair all the damage suffered by the ship during the year underwater.

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