Garmin Italy boosts marine division and renews marketing team

Garmin Force Trolling
Garmin Force Trolling

Garmin Italy boosts its Marine division and renews its marketing team with three new positions on its organizational chart. Charles Brevini now holds the role of sales & marketing manager for the Marine division, also boosted by the new position of product support manager Marine held by colleague Simone D’Aiuto(watch the interview at Milan Yachting Week here). The position of Marcom manager of the sports, outdoor and automotive sectors is given to. Sara Cesarotti.

Garmin Italy boosts marine division

The new year for Garmin Italy opens with some news on the internal organization front. As of January 2021, in fact, the corporate organization chart of the Italian headquarters will see some changes in the marine division, as far as sales and end-customer-facing services are concerned, and in the Sport, Outdoor, and Automotive segments for marketing.

“2020 was a special year in many ways. Despite the situation, we can still feel satisfied with how we managed to handle new and unexpected requests from our users.Stefano Viganò, CEO of Garmin Italy, comments. Precisely in order to be able to guarantee an ever-higher standard to the Italian market, we wanted to give even more strength to our target sectors. With regard to Marine, for example, we have created a new structure, which is essential to offer a service and care to the end customer, but especially to the shipyard, never seen before.”

Carlo Brevini is the new Sales & Marketing Manager Marine

Heading the division will be Carlo Brevini in the role of Marine Sales & Marketing Manager. Born in 1988, Brevini has been with the Garmin Italy team since 2015. From Marcom Manager of Sports, Outdoor and Automotive now Brevini lands back in the boating market, with expanded responsibilities including commercial activity. He is joined by Simone D’Aiuto in the role of Product Support Manager Marine to precisely increase the technical support of the company’s marine sector. In Garmin Italy’s new organizational chart, Sara Cesarotti has been appointed Marcom Manager, for the sports, outdoor and automotive sectors.


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