On board Galeon 640 Fly, the 20-metre of the Polish shipyard


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20 meters are still a good size but the race for recreational gigantism has made them a medium size over the last few years. The Galeon 640 Fly is a yacht halfway between a big recreational ship and a more practical smaller boat that successfully combines the best of both categories. Let’s start from some structural data. The superstructure results from a combination of infused laminated fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcements.

According to the shipyard, this guarantees a sturdiness that is about one third higher than traditional glass structures while reducing total weight by 5%. In practical terms, this means an important advantage for the owner that can now enjoy a more responsive, easy-to-steer and more fuel-efficient boat. Structural sturdiness is also enhanced by the overhang of the flybridge over the cockpit: a space of 12 square meters without any supports on sight.

Galeon 640 Fly

However, a lightening work has been carried out throughout the boat in both structural and aesthetic terms. Structural supports, for example, are 25% smaller and lighter; the whole superstructure is more transparent than opaque thanks to a more extensive use of glass (55% glass, 45% fiberglass); the bimini top is made of carbon fiber instead of glass. In this case, weight reduction means more stability and roll reduction since the part in question is about 7 meters above the waterline.

A mix of big and small, we said. The clearest quotes of the two nautical worlds are, from one hand, the opening terraces on the hulls sides (inherited by megayachts) that, six meters long and more than 1 meter wide, are partially transparent and equipped (on demand) with a beach bar in the galley (positioned next to the aft cockpit) and removable stools. On the other hand, the opening windscreen, like on bow riders, but now electric to reach the forward sun pad/lounge from the interior saloon instead of side-decks. The saloon roof, too, can be opened to offer a closer contact with the environment.

Technical features of the yacht: Galeon 640 Fly

  • Loa: 20,80 m
  • B.max: 7,40 m
  • Engine: Volvo 2×900 hp or Man 2x1200hp
  • Max speed: 34,5 knts
  • Fortune srl, tel. +39 0185 32 42 00 – www.fortunelavagna.com

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